F A Qs
How the CRCs can verify or cross check the information/data received from Private school

Ans:The CRCs will cross check the information from the school registers and also check the data for internal consistency.

What if in a room, Mid-Day-Meals is cooked? Should this room is included in No. of classrooms ?

Ans: The classroom being used for cooking Midday- Meals should not be counted as classroom. Instead, it should be counted as other rooms.

What is the means of school code? (11digit)?

Ans: The decomposition of a school code 28230100101 is as follows: 28 23 01 001 01 State Dist Mandal Village School code

If the teacher is deputed in the school from another school and the teacher is drawing his/her salary from the parent school. In which school the teacher will be counted.?

Ans: If a teacher is on deputation (even for small period) he/she will be counted in the school where he/she is presently teaching irrespective of the salary being drawn from other school.

If a school is unrecognized, what is to be done with such school?

Ans: Our mandate is to collect data from recognized schools only. However, a few states also collect data for their own use. The data from unrecognized schools should be collected only if the State has decided to collect data from unrecognized schools.

What if year of establishment of a school is not available / School is very old?

Ans: The year of establishment is generally available with the District Education Officer (DEO) who maintains the School Register for all the old schools. However, in rare cases the information may not be available even with the DEO, in such cases, the probable year of establishment should be filled in by the Head Master and same should be reported henceforth.

What should I do if enrollment by age do not match with enrollment by category & medium of information?

Ans: The Three enrolment tables must tally. In case of any discrepancy the DCF should be sent back to school for correction. If the Enrolment by Caste and Enrolment by age are matching and the school has only one medium of instruction the total enrolment may be fed into the enrolment by medium of instructions.

What do I mean for “funds from other sources”?

Ans: The funds received other than the education or concerned department which the school belongs should come under “funds received from other sources”. Generally, the donations by Village Panchayat etc. comes under this head.

How do I define partially Pucca Classroom?

Ans: A partially pucca classrooms may be defined as classroom with all four walls of bricks/ Stone has roof of tin/fiber/Asbestos sheet or any other shed than it will come under the category “Partially Pucca” .

Classrooms with Blackboard at Ground Level?

Ans: The classrooms with blackboard at ground level means the classroom where the lower part of all walls are painted black and being used by children to use the same for writing purposes. These classrooms are also known as “Anandayi Classrooms”. Note: The blackboards at ground level should not be counted as total blackboard available in the school.

What, if electricity connection is there in school but no electricity?

Ans: There are three options for Electricity Yes/No 1. Yes 2. No 3. Yes but not functional In case the electricity connection is available but it is not functional for any reason it should be considered as ‘Yes but not functional’.